Friday, February 24, 2012

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feeders Feed, Thurbs Fe. 23, 2012


Question #9 for Keith Malinak:

If you weren't working for GBTV, what job would you rather have?

Keith's Answer:
This one's easy...I'd be making schedules for the national Football League every Spring. In the summer I'd live in Idaho just because. In the Fall/Winter I'd teach American History courses at a college to make sure Dr. Benjamin Rush gets his due. (Thunderclappers)

As far as radio goes I had a great 5 years working at Glenn’s Charleston, SC affiliate WSC
 where I had a lot of fun as program director and morning personality

The World's Most Private Search Engine Startpage Louise

Show Guests Kirk Cameron,
and Marshal Foster from

The movie Monumental
Theater Listing

Candace Cameron Bure TLan

Map Mainland USA, According to Common Sense Moose

IHRadio- Battle for Religious Freedom Zephyr

Rocky the 27lb Lobster Heads for Home mainer

Thundercross is Upset!

Who do you wish to place  in the trophy case that is the Feeders Feed Pedestal of Honor?
George Washington, 75%

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out

Question #8 For Keith:
"Keith, how do you release all the frustration and anger you get when dealing with some callers? I bet you use a former infomercial product, probably the Shake Weight. Am I correct?"
Keith's Answer:
Yes. But I don't use it as a "shake weight"....I pretty much use it as a bat....with a paper towel holder acting as a tee...and a paper ball acting as, well....a paper ball. The end.

Gold at 1776 CFHeather

Which person on the butthook?
53% Valerie Jarrett

Does she deserve it? (95% needed)
95% yes

Feeders Feed Links, Tues. Feb. 21, 2012


Question #7 for Keith Malinak:
How is Gert doing?

Gert turns 15 years old in March. With the help of my kids she recently rediscovered cat nip and she's gotten a new spring in her step. 
However, she's started having sneezing fits. Just 10 or 12 sneezes at a time. At those moments, it's best to find a place to hide from flying unpleasantries that emit from her kitty nostrils...think of a Gallagher event. So gross.

JKPT Fact From Ribbit Buzz...
JKPT fact: By 1833, Andrew Jackson so appreciated Polk's loyalty and ability that he put him in charge of the Bank War in the House and saw to it that he was raised to the chairmanship of the Ways and Means Committee.

Jeffy on "Habits for Health" at 580 KIDO Saturdays from 3-4pm est  (TLan)

Paczki HamStar

Political Correctness Gone mad: Thundercross

I was lucky to see Pete Fountain the time I went to New Orleans- talented man.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Feeders Feed Links, Mon. Feb. 20, 2012

What Keith Says:
Question #6 For Keith Malikak
How did a boy from Georgia end up at Nebraska?

Keith's Answer:At the time I attended college, I could get in state tuition for having a parent who resided in Nebraska. At the time, my mom did.

And as a side note, Nebraska has an excellent broadcasting program that I was interested in. 

Now...look at Lincoln, Nebraska on a map. At the time I attended college, my mom lived closer to Wyoming than Iowa. My dad still lived in Atlanta. Lincoln was as far away from both parents (whom I love) as possible. For a college kid getting out on his own, that was the best of both worlds. And over my 4 years attending NU, I met my future wife and the Huskers won 3 national titles over 4 years. Sweet.

From Ribbit Buzz...
James K Polk 'fun' fact: He liked bacon so much he started the annual BaconFest in Polk County, Iowa.

Show Guest Robert P. George TLan

Friday, February 17, 2012

Feeders Feed, Fri. Feb. 17, 2012


Question #5 for Keith Malinak:

What is the best part of your job, worst part of your job, and what is the most irritating thing a caller can do?

Keith's Answer:

The best part of my job is feeling like in a small way I'm making a difference in the intense fight against the radical transformation that is happening in America. I don’t want my kids inheriting a Progressive ‘utopia’ at best or a Marxist Wasteland at worst.
The worst part of my job is commuting to Hell, NYC in order to do it (looking forward to catching up with the guys in Dallas).
As a part of my job, I probably get 6 or 7 "messages from God" every day. Now, perhaps I'm a hateful heathen for thinking this but God knows how busy I am. And there is no way he's having 30+ messages transmitted to me per week IN ADDITION to what he’s telling me in private. Just sayin’.
Also, I beg of you...please don't call to recite poems, sing acapella versions of your latest penned song or to ask me if you can talk to Glenn off air. I get probably a half dozen of these per day. Ridiculous.
And for the love of all that is right, please, if you are calling to get a mailing address, HAVE A PEN READY! And if a pen isn't at the ready, write it in blood...whatever, just be ready to write when the phone is answered!

And please never tell me you can't email or contact us in any way "because the federal government is watching you." With the aid of Google, they probably are, but if you have a tip, be prepared to send it electronically (preferably through the bottom right hand corner of, for I'm not keen on transcribing 6 paragraphs of info over the phone. Just a pet peeve of mine. Sorry. Finally, when I give you an email address and you ask me if "@" is "at" I'm not expecting to ever see that email in the ol inbox. (This has probably happened 10 times in my 2.5 years here. Just Sayin')

Rebuilding the Dream Gwen

TLan's Fantasy Baseball League

Man the 16" Cannons and Prepare the Airship...Welcome to Fort Tilden
Fort Tilden, located on the Rockaway Peninsula in NYC was an active military installation from 1917 until 1974. It housed the then largest bore land cannon and even had a blimp hangar. In 1974, the Army turned over the land to the National Park Service and FT Tilden is now part of the Gateway National Recreation Area. 

The following pictures give you a nice example of the fort as it appeared right after WW I and how it looks now.

Feeders Feed Links, Thurs. Feb. 16, 2012

We Miss You!

Question #4 for Keith Malinak

What are the three most memorable caller experiences you've had (the worst ones are probably the funniest so stick with those)?

Keith's Answer:

I am upset I don't remember them all (nor do I have a way to record them)...the calls I've had would make best seller cds in the Glenn Beck web store, I assure you. As far as memorable ones go, it’s particularly enjoyable when callers have imbibed greatly ahead of their MORNING call to a talk show.

Guest Host Erick Stakelbeck TLan

Guest Rabbi Lapin TLan

Guest David Brog TLan

Musician Jeremy Hoop B_Rad


Who do you want to place in the trophy case of the Feeders Feed Pedestal of Patriotism?
Tie, Judge Napolitano, and Marcus Luttrell, each with 33%

Tie Breaker:  Marcus Luttrell, with 72%
and he gets in with 100% vote